• Big Life Update

    For this specific post I want to express my gratitude for my tech-ed course that centers on resources for teachers that may encourage more creative and efficient tools for lessons, assessments, and informed practices.
  • The Know it all part 1

    So, I recently started reading the Know It All by AJ Jacobs. Now, he is the first installment of my own know it all segment, haha.
  • Getting back to my roots.

    I'm back in the swing of things now. Or, I'm trying to be. Plus, I'm trying, *trying*, to read more, get back into living for poetry (reading and writing), and taking some time for physical activity.
  • December Reading Recap

    December was not an easy month to say the least. I struggled to stay positive at work, filled my days with just routine, and totally neglected my own writing. Still, I had some pretty fantastic book to bring some light and joy into my days!
  • A Literary Weekend

    I spent my weekend doing some of my favorite things. Starting with Wordstock. Plus, I woke up to some pretty great news today. My first published poem is now live at Buck Off Magazine!