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  • A Literary Weekend

    I spent my weekend doing some of my favorite things. Starting with Wordstock. Plus, I woke up to some pretty great news today. My first published poem is now live at Buck Off Magazine!
  • Exciting Poetry News

    I have some exciting news to *finally* share with you today. You know how in my last post I let you know that I began work on my own collection of poetry? Well, I really got to work and started writing just a bunch of poems.
  • June Reading Recap

    June was definitely a big reading month for me. I only wish I had that much free-time now. I ended up getting hooked on a couple of great collections of poetry and then, at the end of the month, I went on a major book shopping spree at the Powell's near my house.
  • SEO for Bloggers - Myth v. Fact

    I've worked at both a small-time SEO agency and have been a new blogger reading about all the "quick ways to succeed" in terms of rankings. From the experiences I have assembled a list of the top SEO myths bloggers may run across.
  • Finished Project - The Jasmine Scarf

    If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen that I was able to finish the jasmine scarf pattern. Which, was probably the most intimidating project I've taken on since becoming a knitter.