Big Life Update

Tech Ed Resources

Since I last posted, a lot of personal things have affected my life (hence my break from posting). I won’t go into that here because 1) I hardly even share that with my friends and 2) posting things online can come back to bite you when you’re in the job search process (yes, I really am giving a lecture here).

The better news is that because of these personal things, I have been especially devoted to the work I am doing in my grad program. My cohort and I have taken some courses with truly astounding professors. We’ve learned from an MSW with her own practice, a bunch of current secondary-level teachers with wisdom to share from within their own classrooms, and a prolific and incredibly kind researcher who focuses their inquiry on racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression that draws on critical theory. This last professor in particular has challenged me to up my academic game and I am so glad.

Now, I am at the end of my fourth quarter in the program and have added an ESOL endorsement on top of that. I have two more quarters in front of me before this coming Fall. Then I will just have three more final quarters that will coincide with student teaching (yay! real-world experience).

Though I don’t recommend my program to everyone, I am glad that I am here. For this specific post I want to express my gratitude for my tech-ed course that centers on resources for teachers that may encourage more creative and efficient tools for lessons, assessments, and informed practices.

On that note, I want to share my curation of tools that are currently exciting to me. Quick side note: I hate most content curation tools. Flipboard, educlipper, whatever it is, I hate them because they look awful! In my personal experience if something looks awful, no one is going to use it. But I did find one that I LOVE. It’s called Wakelet. If you have a classroom and want to gather resources/tools/articles to read later, I really recommend it.

Ed-Tech Tools

Here are my tools. Just click on the link in the image below to read over them!


That’s it for this post. I’ll do my best to post more. It’s a fun outlet and I think about posts all the time but just…never write them down. Woops!

Please share any resources you have found and love. I would love to add more to my list, everyone.