"We are fortunate that the Bishopsgate Inn sits right up the road from the Connecticut River between the Gillette Castle State Park, rolling acres of farm land, and of course, architectural beauties that bring us back to the rich history of our town. For new visitors to our area, we are excited to introduce you to several historical and architectural gems all within minutes of our Bed and Breakfast here on Norwich Road..."

Writing Goals

For the Bishopsgate Inn, I set out to write a blog article that would bring new visitors to the Inn. By introducing new attractions to their target audience, the owner and I hoped to grab their interest enough to guide them toward making a reservation. I wrote consistent articles for them to help them build up a strong, loyal readership all while capturing the friendly, and accommodating voice of the Inn owners, Lisa and Colin Kagel.

"This holiday season, you’ll be one short drive away from your next favorite Christmas tradition. It all started in 2003 with a goal of helping you feel the joy of the Holiday season while starting a new family tradition. All you have to do is pack your kids into the car and watch their faces light up as they take in the beautiful Christmas displays, including lit up gingerbread houses, nativity scenes, depictions of the North Pole, and more all at our Christmas ranch..."

Writing Goals

I love Christmas! So writing website content for Santa's Ranch was pretty much my dream project. I set out to help capture the magic of the holiday season and put it into words in a way that would direct people to pay her Christmas light displays a visit. At the same time, Melanie wanted to advertise her available concessions and help everyone be able to find her Ranch easily. The end result is festive content that complements the equally festive website that my team made for her.

"Let's say you're on a business trip and you want to get a cup of coffee on your way to a meeting in the morning. Yet, you don't know where to go because you aren't familiar with the area yet. What would you do?

Most will probably say they'd start by pulling out their phone or laptop to run a search for a local coffee shop.

If you have done this before, then you have experience with running a local search. Local search is the foundation of local SEO. Here's how it works..."

Writing Goals

Velocity Marketing Partners really wanted to teach their audience about SEO and digital marketing. That way, their audience could learn why a solid digital marketing strategy could help their business. One thing a lot of their clients were questioning is why they needed a local SEO strategy in place v. a national strategy. To help, I wrote a blog article that would break down the reasoning in an easy to understand and entertaining way. While working at Velocity Marketing Partners, I wrote bi-monthly blog articles that tackled other topics as well. Including, web design best practices, the importance of keyword research, and how to determine which ROI indicators to focus on.

"According to Pantone, this Fall is all about confidence and complexity. Can you guess what colors are popping up then? Yup, it’s mostly blues along with some strong earth tone colors like red, beige, green, mustard, and pinkish purples to help anchor your outfits.

Pantone is right though. Calming blues are definitely making an appearance in fashion shows this year. Just take a look at Lacoste, Sonia Rykiel, and Michael Kors to see what I’m talking about..."

Writing Goals

Working with Laurie King was always fun! For her, I wanted to focus on sharing her story and connecting with her audience. Plus, I wanted to create a few blog articles that would showcase her designs so that I could direct readers to the shop section of her website. To help, I wrote nine blog articles. For each, I put a priority on creating a consistent and strong voice. Then, I either wrote about her new designs, how her target audience could wear her designs, or I shared a little bit of her personal life so that her audience could connect with her story more.

"Why you should care about long-term care? In other words, why should you read this eBook?

Is your loved one approaching an age where long-term care (LTC) is on the horizon? Or have they recently been diagnosed with an illnesses or injury that requires extensive care? The path to needing long-term care can be a whirlwind, especially when there is a sudden diagnosis or fear for a loved one’s well-being..."

Writing Goals

Two month of writing and research went into the eBook on long-term care for Caring Senior Service. The eBook was created to help sons and daughters of aging parents learn everything, or at least nearly everything, to begin securing long-term care. The end result is a comprehensive guide covering what long-term care is, how you know you need it, how to afford it, and the different long-term care options that are available for senior citizens.