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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I didn't grow up with any one tradition. Every thanksgiving was different for my family and every Thanksgiving continues to be different when I spend it with them.
  • Finding Time to be Creative

    Question. Where do you guys draw the line between laziness v. working. I find that I'm either working or doing chores and if I'm not doing that, I'm sitting on my butt watching T.V. or browsing through Instagram.
  • First Finished Knitting Project

    I decided to improve as a knitter about two weeks ago. But I didn't want to just dive in. So I scoured Pinterest for an easy project. I couldn't really find the perfect thing but I did stumble on a bunch of headbands that looked like fun to make.
  • Project: Year of Knitting

    Do you have a latent hobby? That something you love to do but just don't get around to often? Yeah, I think we all do. It could be sewing, DIYing, painting, or even reading. My latent hobby happens to be knitting.