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  • How I Made My Blog SEO Friendly

    You know the cliche, "showing up is half the battle"? Okay, it's corny, but showing up is truly the half the battle when it comes to your blog. By that I mean showing up on search engines.
  • DIY Journal Binding - Make Your Own Paperback Notebook

    With my extra free time right now, I'm making the most of my inspiration buzz. I'm going to show you how to make a paperback journal using a simple backstitch method.
  • A Simple Way to Decorate Your Front Door

    A couple of weeks ago I got my DIY fix in by creating a wreathe for my front door. I have a red door, so as much as I wanted a wreathe filled with light pink or blue flowers, I decided to go for some colors that complemented the bold color I already have.
  • The Year I Want to be Happy

    At the beginning of the year, I made a post about how to complete your New Year goals. I filled it with writing goals, business hopes, and some financial achievements I'm shooting for. I left one thing out though.
  • My DIY Bedroom - Easing My Mind with Home Projects

    Whenever I have to make a huge transition in my life, I get that pit in my stomach signaling a surge of anxiety. Somehow, the surge never calmly flows. It only ebbs in powerful waves, seeming to land right on my gut. Do you know that feeling?