Christmas Knitting Project: a Harry Potter Themed Christmas

Gryffindor Hat Pattern I’ve been picturing Molly Weasley’s knit sweaters all month long. Probably because a co-worker just asked me to knit his fiance a Gryffindor themed scarf and hat. Now if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for romance. So I was more than happy to help him surprise his girl with something she wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else (I say so humbly!)

I started by picking out some medium weight Wool-Ease yarn from Lion Brand in gold and maroon. My goal was to pick two colors that weren’t obnoxious on their own or together. Then, I began with the scarf.

The beauty of the Gryffindor themed scarf was that it reminded me of when I first began knitting. I had made a similar scarf for a friend when I first began knitting. But I’m pretty sure that one turned out pretty sloppy - whoops.

How I Made the Gryffindor Scarf

Handmade Gryffindor Scarf

This scarf would make a great present for any Harry Potter nerd! All you need to do is switch out the colors to match their favorite house.

Plus, there isn’t anything fancy about this project. You just garter stitch for about 325 rows. That many rows of garter stitch may sound boring but it was actually super fun! Especially because this yarn is super pillowy , soI could work the rows quickly. Plus, all I had to worry about was switching the colors and making sure all the blocks of red were even in length.

To make it yourself, start by casting on 24 stitches using size 8 straight needles and your maroon yarn. Then, follow these directions:

  • Knit all your stitches until you have 10” in length.
  • Make a slip knot with your gold yarn and make sure to leave a long tail (about as long as your forearm).
  • Knit your slip knot together with the first stitch in your row and continue in garter stitch using your gold yarn. I also used the tail from the slip knot as I knitted to make the yarn more secure.
  • Knit in gold for 4 rows. Make sure to use your red yarn for the first stitch in row 2 so you don’t end up with a long red stitch on the wrong side of your scarf.
  • Knit 2 rows in red
  • Knit another 4 rows in gold
  • Repeat these instructions so that you have a double gold stripe every 10 inches.
  • Then, bind off and weave in all your ends.

How to Make the Matching Hat

I admit, I started on this hat about 3 times. The first pattern I choose was a bit over my head. The second didn’t work with the weight of my yarn. , sofinally, I gave up and went with an old standby - the 3am cable hat by SmarieK. I’ve made this hat about 4 times now and every time I love the result! I really should have just begun with it because it’s always fun to work.

For this hat, I used the instructions for US size 6 round needles. Then, I made a pom using the gold yarn and this video.

The end result was better than I had expected and well worth all the frogging I ended up doing along the way.

The lesson I learned while making this hat: Frog right away! And I mean do it as soon as you noticed you’ve altered from your pattern. That way you don’t end up undoing 3 rows of work later on.

Now I know I said would be making the Jasmine Scarf next, but I lied. I did get the white yarn delivered from Lion Brand (after over a month of waiting!). Yet, I kind of want to make a few more hats in a bunch of fun colors now. Maybe this time I’ll even successfully pull off a new pattern.