Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditions

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I didn’t grow up with any one tradition. Every thanksgiving was different for my family and every Thanksgiving continues to be different when I spend it with them.

Sometimes we spent the holiday with extended family. These would be long afternoons spent trying to get everyone comfortable with our often hectic and messy way of doing things. If only the other family members left us alone while we cooked. Then we could have all been happy. It just goes to show that everyone in my family is a control freak so they were often too many cooks in the kitchen.

Other times my family spent it in our own company. Mom and dad would cook all afternoon while my brother and I tried to entertain ourselves. I would opt to go outside and play while my brother happily played Sonic or SSX from his top bunk. Then, we would converge for dinner where we often stayed at the dinner table talking and joking ‘till long after our food was cold.

When I became a teenager, I finally formed one tradition. I would wake up early, before everyone else, turn on the Macy’s Day Parade, and eat banana bread while knitting or cuddling with my cat. It was the perfect cozy way to begin the first holiday of the season.

This is the first year I’m giving up that tradition though. One, because I forgot to get banana bread while battling the crowds at the store. Two, because I feel like this year calls for a new tradition.

So instead I’m focusing on taking it easy. Or as easy as I know how to. I want to let this day be my annual signal to let go of stress and just indulge a little. I did give in and check on work, I admit. But at least I’m not cooking the whole dinner like I’ve done in the most recent years passed. Instead, I’m just contributing a homemade apple pie and mashed potatoes.

We’ll be heading to my parent’s place after I’m done with my cooking. There, I plan on just knitting and talking with my family before enjoying what I’m expecting to be a low-key dinner. I think that this year my only goal will be to focus on my loved ones and see what kind of traditions they want to enjoy together.