Finding Time to be Creative

finding time to be creative

Question. Where do you guys draw the line between laziness v. working. I find that I’m either working or doing chores and if I’m not doing that, I’m sitting on my butt watching T.V. or browsing through Instagram.

I’d like to find a balance. Laziness is okay but I would prefer if my free-time were spent doing more creative and fruitful things.

A lot of my friends have hobbies they have turned into side businesses. Two of them have become part-time florists. Another is a jeweler. I think one even makes her own Zine during her free-time. I know, I know I shouldn’t compare myself to them. That, in itself is a chore though.

I feel like not keeping up with friends on Facebook and Instagram is more difficult than you can would think You either have to avoid social media as if it’s a toxic friend or you have to apply a mental filter to your brain when you see a certain kind of posts. It’s as if you have to program your mind to say, “skim past this NOW.” I’ve realized I’m not good at either task.

Focusing More on “Me Time”

Instead, I want to focus more of my time on creative pursuits. I want focus more on myself so that I don’t even have time to binge on social media. I want to be able to admire myself rather than the others around me.

For now, I don’t know what that would look like. I’m still stuck on trying to find enough energy to go to work, keep the house clean, and take care of the dog while still squeezing in time to rest a little, be with my boyfriend, and find an hour or to work on a knitting project.

Maybe I have to reach my goal in baby steps like athletes do when they begin working on building muscle tone. I’ll have to incorporate a little more creative time each day until it becomes a habit.

I still can’t even believe that some of my clients have a day job and run their own businesses on the side. Successful businesses too! I guess that’s why they have a marketing agency helping them. They have learned that they can’t do everything themselves. That’s definitely my downfall. I hate accepting help from others. I would much rather do what needs to get done when it’s need to get done than wait for someone else to do it for me. That’s probably something I need to learn to get it over.

Letting compulsions slide

The dishes don’t always have to be clean right when I get home. The throw blanket doesn’t need to be folded and carefully draped over the back of the couch before I sit down. Plus, the dog definitely doesn’t need to be brushed before I race out the door to work.

These are things I want to let slide more often. I think I’m making small strides toward my goal though. Right now John is helping me by changing my car’s windshield wipers and putting my license plate and new tags on for me. All the while, I’m sitting here listening to Priscilla Ahn and writing. That’s progress, right? I’m even putting off cleaning the fridge. That’s huge for me!

Is the secret to finding more time for yourself just being selfish? That can’t be right. Let’s put it a different way. I’m protecting my time. Being a bit more assertive about what I need. Right now that happens to be drinking coffee, sitting with my dog, and blogging.

How do you do you find that balance? I would love to know!