Project: Year of Knitting

gaining knitting inspiration

Do you have a latent hobby? That something you love to do but just don’t get around to often? Yeah, I think we all do. It could be sewing, DIYing, painting, or even reading. My latent hobby happens to be knitting.

I picked up knitting when I was a senior in high school. Back then, I thought that knitting was a superpower. I was jealous of all the girls who could just pick up a pair of needles and have a sweater made by the end of the week. I was determined to learn how to do the same. So I struggled through the process of learning and spent two weeks making a brown knitted scarf. I made it for my boyfriend at the time but he wasn’t too impressed. I honestly don’t blame him. The scarf had holes and the ends weren’t weaved in. In short, it was a pretty sad finished product.

All the same, I had so much fun making the scarf. I was obsessed with counting all my stitches to make sure none were dropped or picked up. I think I still remember that each row had exactly 24 stitches. Counting was useful but man, so tedious. I definitely gave that habit up pretty quick.

Gaining Ambition With a Hobby

After that first scarf, I made more scarves. It was all I knew how to do for about two years really. So when I say knitting is a latent hobby, I really mean it! I didn’t even do anything other than garter stitch for the first year. When I learned how to purl, I made a lot of failed patterns.

Finally, I branched out to making hats and cable knitting. I made two cable knit hats that same night and finished a scarf in a mad rush to finish some Christmas presents. I spent that whole night watching America’s Next Top Model and knitting through the pain in my fingers as they cramped up. But I don’t think any of those projects were really that great. Maybe the second cable knit hat was (and this one from a year later), but that’s all.

I think my knitting latency stems from the fact that I lack ambition when it comes to my hobby. I never cared to push myself to do more. I was really just happy to be occupied with something that yielded a pretty accessory. But that is kind of boring. I am sick of scarves and hats now so I really want to push myself to do more.

Knitting Goals

Now, I want to spend some time learning how to complete different projects. Hats and scarves will be included but I also want to learn how to knit shawls, sweaters, slippers, and leg warmers. It would also be nice if I could manage to limit my mistakes.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to make at least near-perfect, finished projects starting with something easy. Right now I’m working on a headband. It’s almost done too! I just need to sew together the ends. From there, I’m going to tackle a few other projects.

Knitted Projects I’d Like to Accomplish

Here are some of the projects I’m excited to try out.

knitted chevron-cowl knitted rug
beautiful scarf pattern knitted baby blanket
handmade slippers hand-knit shrug

What I’ll Need to Complete These Projects

Chevron Scarf

Knitted Floor Mat

Jasmine Scarf

Sugarplums Blanket

Nola Slippers

  • 450 - 550 yards of worsted / 10 ply (I guess I can use whatever materials I want?)
  • Needles: US 9 - 5.5 mm
  • This pattern from Ravelry

Speckled Shrug:

My first step is to finish my headband this weekend (stay tuned for pictures!) and then I’m going to tackle that Jasmine Scarf. I’m excited to get started!